Thursday, December 17, 2009

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From Eco

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Introduction of Eco Cooker

The product is a good choice for food that needs long simmering hours on the stove, such as rice, beans or stock.
Step 1: First boil the food on the stove and then put the whole pot with the lid on into the eco-cooker.
Step 2: Zip it and leave there until the end of the cooking process.
Step 3: Check the food anytime you want and enjoy it when you feel satisfied with the texture.
1. Saves money by cutting the cost on energy bills.
2. Environmental friendly, reduces the use of electricity.
3. Gives you extra free time since cooking does not require supervision.
By TREEHUGGER Corporation

Look at me!

Hello Everyone. My name is Eco Cooker and I am the product of TREEHUGGER Corporation. How do I work? I can earn you extra time, and save you money and energy!